Thursday, January 29, 2009

Announcement Photos

We finally had our announcement pictures taken last weekend! A friend of mine from high school, Kassie, was kind enough to take them us. We went all over Mesa and got a bunch of really cute shots! It was hard to choose just one to send out with the invites.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Family Blog!

Well, here we go! We (Tarin & Nathan) now have an official family blog- even though we aren't quite officially a family yet...

I guess we'll start out telling you a little about us. Nathan and I met about six month ago on Neither of us were really looking for a relationship, but they say that's when you'll always find one. We chatted and got to know each other through the website for about a month before we went on our first date- and the big day came; meeting for the first time face to face. Anyone that's ever dealt with Internet dating knows how nerve racking that can be: Are they as cute in person as the pictures they posted online? Will we have the right chemistry in person? What if they have really bad breath?! Well, lucky for us we were both had fresh breath, the chemistry was there, and we were even cuter in person than we were online!

We've gone out every Friday and Saturday since we met and have had an absolute blast getting to know each other. We've done all sorts of fun things like peddle-boating at Tempe Town Lake, going to Diamondbacks and Suns games, movies, cooking experiments, game nights-- even a couple road trips to Six Flags and St George! But of course our very best and most memorable date was on November 1st, when Nathan planned a night hike for us, up North Mountain. It was a pretty steep hike and when we got to the top I was exhausted! So we sat on a little bench at the top of mountain and looked out over the entire city- it was so beautiful! And just at the perfect moment Nathan pulled a little ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and popped the question! Of course, I had to say yes! He's my dream guy. We were both so excited we spent the rest of the night calling and texting and dropping by people's houses to show off the fabulous new ring.

So fast forward to today- Nathan is working full time as manager of As You Wish Pottery at Desert Ridge and breaking in our new apartment. Tarin (that's me!) is working full time as the Office Administrator for Triangle Truss and going to school in the evenings at Kohler Academy learning to become a skin care therapist. Our schedules are pretty hectic, but we can always find time to spend together. Most of our spare time these days is spent wedding planning.Only 43 more days until we're sealed for time and all eternity!

So that's our little love story, in a nut shell; not overly exciting or extremely romantic- but uniquely us. Hopefully this little blog will help to keep our friends and family in the loop about what's going on with us. It should be a pretty fun journey!