Monday, April 9, 2012


A lot has changed these past few weeks in the lives of Tarin & Nathan! So here's a little update on what has been going on.

#1- We are a one car family! Sorry, no picture for this one. We sold Nathan's Focus and are down to only the Corolla. We are taking the money we made from selling Nathan's car, plus the money we will now be saving from his car payment, gas, and insurance- and throwing it all at getting the Toyota paid off. Once that's all squared away, we are going to look into getting a truck for the business. So for now, Nathan has the car during the day and I get some daily bonus exercise by walking or riding my bike to work. Fun times!

#2- We finally did something to our front yard! It's gone from dead grass, dirt, weeds, and cat poop to this:

We laid sod...

...planted a tree! (which we picked out together at our local nursery...)

...planted a few shrubs...

...and flowers! I've been telling Nathan since we moved in that I wanted purple flowers in front of our house. So we've got these now- PLUS in the spring next year the tree we bought will be blossoming some beautiful purple flowers too!

#3 After muh deliberation and family text message poll, we decided to grow our family by one more... Yup! We got another puppy!!

Meet Duke.

It took us over a week to name the poor dog. Nathan and I couldn't agree on a name- so he was just called "little guy" for a while.

He has been quite the adventure too. We've experienced many new things with Duke that we never have before with the other two. For example, once we got Duke home, we discovered he had ticks. 8 ticks to be exact. And he shared them with the other dogs. So I learned how to remove ticks and had the privilege of giving all three of them tick baths. NOT so fun.

Also- Duke has a lot of fun puppy energy and PEES when he gets really excited. Yeah, the vet says he'll grow out of that and hopefully he does so sooner rather than later.

The people we bought him from said he was half lab half rottie- but the vet says he doesn't detect any rottie in him at all. Our vet suspects that he is a lab/border collie mix. Whatever he is- he's adorable, and we love him.

Another thing that we learned is that Dave gets really jealous of the new little one. After all, he did used to be the baby. I have been doing my best to give them all equal alone time and loves and cuddles- so since we took pictures of Duke we took some pictures of "Little Dave" and Buster- since I haven't blogged about them in a while either:

Here's a pic of all 3 of our boys all together! Maybe one day we'll get brave enough to try and get Nathan and I in the picture too.

And we'll wrap this blog up with pictures of all our puppies playing the front yard, enjoying our new grass!