Monday, July 21, 2014

12 months!

These pictures were taken like a month late- but I figured I had to finish out the monthly photos. I couldn't just leave them hanging at 11. These were so hard to take! This kid won't sit still; he is so busy all the time.
We got a few decent shots though.

I love this picture! He was like, "Hey, I remember you!" 

I gave him the book to help him sit still for a minute or two. He seriously LOVES this book. We read it like 3 times a day.

Once he lost interest in the book, he discovered the lens cap on the night stand and it was all over. All he wanted to do after that was put the cap back on the lens! 

I was kinda surprised to find that I didn't have many photos of him from this month. It's probably because my iPhone thinks that it's memory is full most of the time.
Here are the few that I did have though:

Stay tuned in the next day or so for a sentimental mommy post and recap of Xander's first year.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

xander's 1st birthday!!

Yes, I know- this post and the ones that I'm working on next are like a month over due. They say if you really enjoy doing something that you will find time to do it. Well my friends, as much as I truly do enjoy blogging-- this pregnant momma enjoys sleeping much more! Which is what I usually decide to do rather than hop on the computer and blog after Xander goes down for bed.

It's crazy how much time and energy gets sucked up being pregnant AND caring for a "toddler." I had to put that in quotes because even though most literature considers Xander a toddler- he doesn't really toddle yet. Haha

Anyway- I am starting with Xander's first birthday pictures to begin my blogger catch-up because they are the first ones on the camera!

We had the party at Kleinman Park in Mesa. It wasn't our first choice- but dealing with morning sickness and all that- I didn't make finding a birthday party venue my first priority- so missed out on being able to have it at Riverview Park like I had wanted.

I was a bit disappointed with the location. It was a nice big ramada and all- and right next to the play ground- but they had just recently irrigated one of the nearby sports fields and it smelled absolutely atrocious!

We made the best of it though.

I made cupcakes for the guests, and little cake for Xander to have to himself.

I wanted to go as easy as possible for party food- so we ordered some super yummy subs from Jimmy John's and picked up a few cheap pizzas. We had also had some chips and punch.

Xander ate a little bit of a snadwich and picked all the toppings and cheese off of his pizza.

How old are you Xander?

I just love his messy little face!

After everyone had a chance to eat something we moved on to presents. Everyone did an amazing job picking out gifts for him. He loved everything he got!

The Stanleys got him a bubble machine: 

The O'Neills got him a John Deere tractor that says "Nothing runs like a Deere" and pops wheelies. He pushed the button on that thing so many times when we got it home that the batteries were nearly dead by the end of the week: 

The Roachs got him the coolest Little People car carrier truck- with two cars to ride in it. They are the perfect size for his little hands- he drives them all over everything! 

 Nana and Grandpa got him a piggy bank and some clothes:

Aunt Lara and the Alpins also got him some adorable outfits (for some reason Nathan didn't get a picture of the one from Aunty Lara- but it's super cute and he's worn it a couple times already)

One of his biggest presents got shipped all the way from Virginia- from his Great Grandma Rosie.

 It was an old school Tonka fire truck. It is way cool! He is still a bit too little to play with it- so right now it's a decoration in his room. I have caught Nathan playing with it a couple times though!

Uncle Marvin had always threatened us with noisy toys when we had kids- and he did not disappoint. The other Lunts got him a steering that makes about a dozen different noises and vibrates. Oh- and it's also super loud and doesn't have an off switch! He really likes it though- so we put a piece of duct tape of the speaker so it's a bit quieter and doesn't drive Mom crazy.

Mema and Papa got him Planes scoot toy. He hasn't figured out the whole sit and scoot thing yet- but he will stand up behind it and push it around and he loves pushing the buttons and making the propeller twirl.

Uncle Jeremy and his girlfriend, Kali got him Mega Blocks. They were a huge hit when we opened them up at home. He stood by the bag and played for like 45 minutes. 

We also found that he fit perfectly inside the gift bag that the Mega Blocks came in. 

Then it was time for the birthday cake! You will have to forgive me- I took sooooo many pictures. I did narrow it down quite a bit for the blog- it was just so darn cute, I couldn't help myself!!

He wasn't sure what to do with it at first....

Then I gave him a little taste of the frosting off my finger and he figured it out from there: 

It was a fun evening! I still can't believe I have a one-year-old! He is such a joy and I love him more and more every day. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us! Love you all!