Thursday, January 31, 2013

gangnam style

The first time I saw this ridiculous music video was at the Diamondbacks game on the 4th of July. It came on the jumbo-tron after the game and Nathan and I both looked at each other like- what the heck is this weirdness. We were even more confused when a bunch of people around us started doing the dance- like this was common knowledge.
A few days later my sister mentioned that my nieces found it to be hilarious and next thing I knew they were spoofing it on SNL. Unfortunately it got stuck in my head- so I had to buy it off iTunes.
Another fun fact about the song- my dad HATES it. The first time I played the video for him he said "Is he saying condom star?!!" My dad always makes me laugh so hard- and I love teasing him. So when I got an email from JibJab telling me that I could now personalize this music video with the heads of my loved ones, I could not resist.
So, without further ado, my dad- in Gangnam Style.
Love you dad!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

baby blog

So, a while back, when we were first thinking about starting a family, I started a baby blog and I have updated it fairly regularly. Anyway, now that I am actually pregnant, and we have made the big announcement, I am making it public- so anyone who want details on the pregnancy and what's happening in our lives in that regard can find the info here :

You can also find the link with all our favorite blogs on the right side of page named "Baby Talk."

I will post major milestones and such on the family blog here- but if you are at all interested in how my pregnancy is going- with all the baby updates- you'll find them at the baby blog.  :)