Wednesday, October 10, 2012

paisley may lunt

We have a new niece and we are so excited! I was waiting for her mommy to post about her first before I put up any pictures- it was hard to wait! She's so darn cute! You can read Sarah's post here.
She was born on October 3rd in the evening. She weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz and 21" long.
I was lucky enough to go see her the very next morning with Mema (Nathan's mom) and Marley, the new big sister!
I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture of the very first time Marley saw Paisley. Their initial greeting was brief.... This is picture of Marley scooting away after saying hello:
Marley seemed pretty unimpressed at first. She held Paisley for like a minute and then decided she was more interested in spinning in circles and watching the tv.
Marley's reaction to Paisley was much better than Melody's reaction to Bethany after she was born....
Hahahaha! That picture makes me laugh every time!
But back to Marley and Paisley-
Marley did warm up to her new sister throughout the visit. She came over and checked her out while Mema was holding her....
And before we left she said the sweetest little good-bye and blew kisses to Paisley. Adorable!!
I snapped a few pictures while Virginia was holding her newest grandbaby!
At first everyone was saying that Paisley looked like Marley but we must have forgotten what Marley looked like as an infant because I went back to my post from when Marley was born and while they do look like sisters, and take after their momma, they don't look all that much alike!
Marley had lighter hair and skin from the get go- Paisley has a more olive complexion and dark hair like her daddy. Also, Marley has blue eyes and I'm betting Paisley's are gonna turn brown- but they might stay bluw, you never know!
Later in the evening I made another visit to the hospital with Nathan and brought Marvin and Sarah some delicious pizza!
Of course I could hardly wait to take a picture of Nathan holding the baby. He's going to be a great daddy one day.
And I had to post this picture because I think it's freakin CRAZY how different Nathan looks. This is picture of Nathan holding Marley the day she was born 2 years ago!! He almost doesn't even look like the same person! He joked and said "Well, marriage ages you....YOU age me!" Hahaha
Well that's all for now! Congrats Marvin and Sarah on becoming a family of 4! Both your little girls are so precious. We love you guys to bits!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

photo scavenger hunt número dos

A while back we did photo scavenger hunt at Scottsdale Fashion Square with Nathan's siblings. It was really fun. There were 4 couples total and each of came up with a list of 25 things- so we had 100 possible photos to snap. The following are pictures that Nathan and I took. To see the pictures that Amy and Robert had you can check out their blog here.                            

 A burnt out light bulb


Someone in your group wearing a large Bra

Big sunglasses




Someone in your group making a funny face in a mirror

Victoria's Secret Sign

Someone in your group wearing a tiara
(This was listed twice)

Someone in your group wearing 6" heels


Something with 6 or more colors on it

A milk mustache


Something with a bird on it

Mall Security

The American Flag

Hot Dog

Someone in your group playing a video game
(Nathan playing a Kinect game outside the Microsoft store)

A picture of you in a bathroom

"Hot Lips"

A service animal

An angel

A fountain/waterfall

Wearing at least 4 purple things

An article of clothing over $500

A floor outlet

Dog treats

Something spilled

A dog

A broom

A double stroller

A gumball machine

A mannequin wearing a modest dress

Animal print shoes

Mickey Mouse

A Fashion Square sign

Someone in your group sitting in a bean bag chair

A polka dot scarf

Something covered in glitter

A skull

Someone in your group enjoying a delicious beverage

A "You are Here" sign

Thigh high boots

And last a Porsche 911

I must admit, I do not remember who won....I know it wasn't s though! Either way, it was a super fun activity. We always like it when we get to spend time with our siblings. We are looking forward to our next scavenger hunt!