Friday, October 29, 2010

happy owl-o-ween!

I don't know why- but for some reason I have been an owl kick lately. So I decided that this year I would give Halloween an Owl theme.

It all started with my custom carved pumpkin. I finally got around to painting it, a week before Halloween! I got my inspiration from an owl plate I saw at As You Wish, and it turned into this:

Doesn't it look so cool- when it's lit up?

I couldn't just stop with the pumpkin though, oh no, I had to make...

...owl cupcakes!!

How cute are those?!
I combined two different owl cupcake designs I found online. I think they turned out pretty well though.

And to keep my in an owl mood while I baked and painted:

Of course, I had to watch the Labyrinth! I need an owl movie and I couldn't watch just one Harry Potter movie. If you are going watch the HP you need a marathon, and I didn't have that kind of time. So I settled for David Bowie turning into an owl and singing with his muppet goblin minions.

So now you might be asking yourself, what candy is Tarin going to hand out for Halloween? They don't make owl candy.... Well my friends, I am handing out Tootsie pops. First, because I hate them and if there is any left over candy I don't want the temptation since I am starting a new diet November 1.


Happy Owl-O-Ween Everyone!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

marley jane lunt

Born September 30, 2010 at 2:57. 8 lbs 9 oz, 20 1/4"long.

Nathan and I were at work that day, as usual! but we did manage to make it to the hospital later that night to visit our new niece.

Nathan with Marley. I love seeing Nathan hold babies! It's so cute.
One of these days it'll our baby in his arms.

Chatting with the proud daddy!

I think she looks so cute in the one!

I had to get a picture of her without the hat. She has hair! Yay!

The rest of these pictures are stolen. I took them from Marvin & Sarah's blog and facebook because Nathan and I are the overworked auntie and uncle that haven't had time to see her since she has been born. But we are still proud enough to plaster her picture all over our blog. =p

Marley with her daddy...

...and her big brother Brick...

...and big brother Rusty!

We are so happy to have another niece to spoil! Congratulations Marvin and Sarah on your precious baby girl!

This won't be the last you see of this little one- I am sure there are many more pictures to come in the future.

catching up!

As usual, I have fallen behind on my blogging! Instead of doing a bunch of individual blog posts- I am going to do one big update, organized in alphabetical order by how I had the pictures named. Here we go!


On September 2nd, our little baby Dave turned 1! He's gotten big so fast. Here are some of my favorite baby pictures of him:

And here he is now:

So big! But still super cute. I love my lil Dave!


I also had a birthday back in September- the 16th, to be exact. I turned the big 2-4! One year older, and wiser too! Next year I will be a quarter of a century old- and that kinda freaks me out...
Nathan & Tarin at Dave & Busters 9-16-10
(Thanks Amy, for taking pics!)

Anyway, my birthday didn't start out awesome. I was going to go to the temple with my sister, Jessica, to do baptisms- and after I got all cleaned up and ready to go I couldn't find my temple recommend anywhere! It's lost and I have to get a new one. So instead we went the the craft store and bought a bunch of flowers and ribbon to make hair bows. They turned out super cute! We also went to Cici's for lunch and as a birthday present to myself- I got waxed... and burned!! (but that's a long story for another day!)

Later that night we met up with a bunch of family (Mom, Dad, Rod, Virginia, Amy, Marvin, and Sarah!) and went bowling at Dave and Buster's! It was really fun. We bowled two games, got some food, and later played games! My birthday bad luck continued when I thought I had lost the digital picture frame that my parents had gotten me- but we found it before left D&B's- thank goodness! Even though things didn't go as planned- it was still a pretty good birthday.


One night, after dropping my sister off at her house from working with us- I got a phone call from Nathan. We were just randomly chatting as we were both driving home when all of a sudden he said:
"I hit something!"
"What did you hit!?"
"A dog or cat or something. I don't know, I gotta go. I'll call you back!"

He got out of his car to check on the poor creature he had hit to discover it was a bunny rabbit. Apparently it had darted out of someone's yard and ran into the side of Nathan's car. It didn't get run over or anything and the only apparent injury it had was a bit of a bloody nose.

We decided that we would call animal control in the morning and put the bunny in the backyard. The next morning, right after we had woken up, Nathan went out to check on the bunny while I went in to check email in the office. He had left the dogs inside, so imagine my surprise when I heard a shout from the backyard "Buster! NO!" If Buster was out there, that meant Dave was too. Oh no! So I jumped out of my chair and ran out back to see the poor bunny running for it's life and my two dogs in hot pursuit! So, the dogs were chasing the bunny, and Nathan and I were chasing the dogs- in our underwear! Nathan finally got a hold of Buster but we didn't get Dave in time. He pinned the bunny!! All I could think was that he was going to rip the bunny's head off right in front of me like it was one of his toys!

Thank goodness the bunny played dead and after pinning the poor thing, Dave was just sniffing and slobbering all over it. I am surprised it didn't die of a heart attack. After that Nathan got dressed and drove the bunny to the Humane Society. It was only in the backyard over night, but while it was back there it pooped EVERYWHERE! I am glad we didn't keep it. I hope it does find a good home though.


We got a new niece! But she is special enough that I will do an individual post about her next.

Here are some pictures of pumpkins painted. We have tons of pictures of carved pumpkins on our facebook page- but they are usually being sent off to get painted elsewhere. Here are a couple we did.

My friend Jennifer got married, so I made one for her with her new last name "BUNKER." I think it turned out pretty cute! I wish I had gotten a better picture of it before I wrapped it up and gave it away. It was super fun to paint!

My dad wanted one for work that he could use for events and stuff. Nathan painted this one. Didn't it turn out awesome!?

Bethany and Melody after the Primary Program 2010

This year was Melody's first Primary Program. She didn't have a speaking part- but she was a hoot to watch! I think my favorite thing was that she would mimic all the hand motions of the chorister. It was cute! Of course, she did the typical sunbeam wave to her family. She even gave the boy next to her a kiss. She wasn't a goofball the entire program though, she did a wonderful job singing all the songs she had learned this year. Afterward, a couple people told my sister how much they enjoyed watching Melody as well.


We got a couple days of crazy storms! Arizona is no stranger to monsoon storms, but I don't think they usually go into October- especially not like this! We even got hail!

Nathan sent me this pic of him holding a huge piece of hail. It was even bigger in some parts of the valley- it was reported as big as golf balls!!

These are pictures that Nathan took of hail on the ground at his parent's house.


And this is a picture of the awesome rain that my BFF Kassi sent me from work. It was the best weather day we have had in a long, long time. Luckily we didn't have any storm damage- a lot of places did. I was very grateful while I heard the rain pounding against my windows that we didn't have any large trees in or around our yard- there were branches down all over the place afterward.

Well that's my blog catch up from the past month! Stay tuned for a post about our family's newest addition! =D